make up one’s mind

make up one’s mind
قَرَّرَ \ affirm: to declare that sth. is true: He affirmed that his friend had not left the house at the time of the murder. choose, (chose, chosen): to decide: I chose to stay at home rather than to travel. decide: to determine; make up one’s mind: I’ve decided to get a new car. determine: to decide; be the cause of; control: We must determine the rights and wrongs of the case. The weather determines the size of the crop. fix: to settle; decide: Have you fixed the time and place of your meeting?. judge: to examine facts about (sb. or sth.) and come to a decision; to consider (in court, in a competition, etc.): He judged the man (to be) guilty. They judged him (to be) the winner. I was invited to judge the cattle at the show. lay down: to fix (a rule): The price of oil is laid down by the government. make up one’s mind: to decide after much thought: He made up his mind to tell them everything. resolve: to decide after careful thought. rule: give an official decision: The judge ruled that the prisoner was wrongly charged. \ See Also أكد (أَكَّدَ)، عزم (عَزَمَ)، حَدَّدَ، حكم (حَكَمَ)‏

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